Cnc Machining

CNC cutting

With computer numerical controlling software to remove excess material & create complex two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

CNC drilling

Employs computer automated machines to bore precision threads or holes into surfaces of variable material composition & thickness.

CNC grinding

Automated precision material removal and surface finish in a number of industrial and commercial applications.

CNC machine shop

Is a place where materials are shaped by CNC machines.

CNC machines

To instruct and inform the design and production of precision parts through the use of computer automated machinery.

CNC manufacturing

To direct complex automated machine components in the design and production of precision parts and components.

CNC milling

Also known as "CNC turning," is possibly the most common kind of CNC machining.

CNC punch machines

Cut parts on computer numeric control systems.

Why Choose Us

CNC machinery speeds up the ability to manufacture and increase repeatable accuracy. It has the ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup, resulting in cost and time effectiveness.
Our high speed machines run automatically according to our input and has the general machining capabilities, turning, milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, and so on
We integrated software system for fast turn around cycles though we never sacrifice our product quality. We ensure that every part is delivered are matched with customers requests.
Our machine can accommodate large parts and has tolerance to hold on variety of materials and configurations.
Parts can be programmed from customer supplied drawing or photographs. With our concept and expert engineer, we create actual parts or fixture.
We conduct electro-mechanical assembling and testing to ensure our products and monitor every stage of operation to final inspection.

Our Best Proposals

Reliable quality

We are the ISO certified company that dedicated to produce highest quality products for our customers. We strive to improve our service, and are committed to provide accurate precise parts to you.

Dedicated customer service

We are here to exceed our customers expectations, and offer the satisfactory experience. We offer the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Competitive pricing

It is important for us to establish trustworthy and reliable relationship with our clients. And we provide the pricing that will work with our customers and meet their needs.

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